“BA team worked on prototype of a product idea
under tight deadlines, and not a lot of wiggle room;
and still provided multiple options and creative,
well-designed results. “

Matthew Krajewsky, Director of Product Management, WallmartLabs

“I hired BA team to lead UI re-design of our SaaS application. I was extremely happy with the results… “
Tony Castiglioni, VP of Product Management, Fliqz Inc.

“… Smart, professional and incredibly easy to work with. Thanks BlueApple for always making me and my teams look good.”
Wendy Caceres, CMO, Inseego Corp.

“BlueApple Design has been extremely professional and delivered excellent results…on time, every time! “
Don Haugen, Creative Director, Inseego Corp.

“BlueApple team are exceptional at analyzing corporate image strategies and creating corporate identities that communicate clearly and position their clients for positive growth. “
Daniel Ruz, CEO, AgriWorld Exchange Inc.

“Blue Apple is a great mix of design and UX.
They create a great user experience and combine
it with crisp and elegant design. “

Jim Fowler, CEO, Jigsaw Inc.

UX/UI design for rapid market fit exploration across various product lines

Brand/identity design

Design and localization support for new games coming out along with Disney movies

UX/UI eval and update of Coverity Static Analysis interface

UX/UI explorations for new product features

Logo refresh

Website, eBooks, Data sheets, White papers, Trade show booth, diagrams, icons, graphics, animated explainer demos, PPTs, advertising, and Solution briefs.

UX/UI for the iOS App, logo design, website design and WordPress implementation

UX/UI, website and brand design

Website redesign, PPT presentations and icon library

Logo refresh, PPT, Solution brief, Data sheet

Website, trade show booth, PPT, data sheets, product logos, icons and info-graphics

UX/UI design for iPad application

UX/UI redesign and WordPress implementation of the Resource Center.

Website graphics and diagrams

Website updates, PPT, eBooks, marketing collateral

Website update and PPT design

Explainer animation demo

Product UX/UI, website, logo design

Heuristic evaluation, product UX update

Logo design, marketing collateral, UX/UI Xactly Incent

Logo, website, PPT presentation and marketing materials

UX/UI for the iPad application

UX/UI for the desktop product

UX/UI for the desktop product

Website design and implementation

UX/UI design for the desktop product

On-going assistance with design and production of quiz-type interactive advertising models

UX/UI for desktop product

Brand refresh, website design and implementation

Branding, logo design, marketing collateral, website design

Digital marketing collateral, product UX/UI

UX/UI of Mobile Connect and Analytics products

Logo and branding materials design

Logo design

Logo update and website design

Logo and website design

Website and digital marketing materials design

UX/UI evaluation and redesign

Logo and website design

Logo, marketing materials, PPT, website design and WordPress implementation

Website design

UX/UI evaluation and redesign

Website design

Usability research, product UX/UI, PPT, diagrams design

UI and visual design support for iPad application

Site redesign, marketing materials, landing pages, emails