BetterOff Health

BetterOff Health is a healthcare platform
that allows doctors remote patient monitoring
and treatment, via supervised clinical pathways.


  • Product Map
  • Workflows
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • User Interface
  • Branding


  • 16 weeks


BetterOff Health iOS app needed to appeal to mature audience
and promote a consistent daily interactions with the application in
order to achieve health improvements based on doctor directed
health path.

Solution & Impact

We designed the app to allow for an easy one-click access to three main areas. Users got immediate feedback in terms of points earned on completed tasks and at-a-glance view of their weekly and monthly progress. This technique helped to promote daily engagement by bringing gamification aspect to the app. An intuitive and friendly interface that is appealing to mature audience was achieved by using soft teal and orange colors for background, abundance of white space, clear information hierarchy, and using high contrast for most important elements.

Our process

UX Map

The product map provided an overview of the
end-to-end user experience. It outlined first
time user flows, as well as workflows used
on daily basis.

Our process


Interactive prototypes gave a quick way to define the informational hierarchy and product functionality. Multiple teams were able to consolidate their feedback and iterate on their vision for the product using these simple visual mockups.

Our process

UI Design

We focused on providing users with a way to see all important information, while visually keeping track of the activities prescribed by their doctor.
High contrast elements, minimized progress indicators, and small icons are some of the visual elements used to create a friendly, but informative user interface.

Our process

Main Screens


  • List of tasks assigned by the doctor
  • The ability to “Take”, “Snooze”, or “Skip” a task
  • Review progress made over time
  • Review health and participation stats

My Feed

  • Communication with a doctor
  • Virtual assistant prompts 


  • Preferences
  • Apple Health connection
  • Notifications

Case studies

BetterOff Health Site
  • Branding,
  • Informational Architecture,
  • Website Design,
  • WordPress
Ctrack Brand Refresh
  • Icon system,
  • Logo Refresh,
  • PPT template,
  • Styleguide
Razorthink Site Design
  • Informational Architecture,
  • Website Design
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