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Zootopia CrimeFiles by Disney

Working with Disney Interactive since 2014 we had the privilege to work on titles like Inside Out, Descendants, Star Wars, Jungle Book, Enchanted Tales, Cars, Moana, Finding Dory, and Zootopia.

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Classrooms by Walmart

In an effort to bring Walmart.com sales up, WalmartLabs product team created a desktop and mobile app that allows teachers to create “Back To School Supplies” list on Walmart’s site.

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Working with Caring.com team as they were just starting out, BlueApple had a chance to get to know the company values and culture and create a logo to reflect them. Followed successful logo design project, we worked with the team on design of initial website and product.

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We have been working in close partnership with SteppeChange since 2012, supporting marketing and development teams through design projects including websites, presentations, infographics and marketing collateral. In parallel, we provide UX and UI solutions for mobile and desktop applications for their clients.

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Ayla Networks

Taking a role of internal design team since 2015, BlueApple has a great time working with Ayla! Helping marketing and product teams design projects ranging from diagram and icon systems, email campaigns, trade show booths, eBooks, website, animated product demos, holiday and invitation materials, PPT presentations and everything in between.

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Heirloom Computing

Heirloom PaaS transforms enterprise applications from COBOL to Java automatically and with 100% accuracy. BlueApple was tasked to transform the outdated logo and website design of the company to match company’s personality and exciting product.

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